Work smarter, not harder. Get paid to respond to emails & send videos to your audience with Yak. The easiest fan engagement platform for creators to use & get paid🚀

Are you a content creator? Join the Yak waitlist here 👈 Launching Thursday 4/22

How It Works

  1. Your fan requests you respond to their message and pays Yak
  1. Yak emails you the fan's request to which you can respond via regular message or a video message (it takes less that 60 seconds to respond)
  1. We email your fan the message along with your video message (if you choose to include one) PS: We never share your email, all email communication with your fan is done through our email
  1. Once that's done, we pay you 100% of the proceeds minus transaction costs (3%+0.30). Yak makes money by charging your fans a service fee of 10%
Built in Athens, GA with ❤️ & 🍺 using potion.so, copy.ai, & airtable.com